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Johanna's Life in Pictures

Here are the some photos of Johanna, her family and friends.

Title Date Added Description Total Pictures
Johanna's Memorial Ride The Boot 2009 10/23/2009 Another year of great times with friends, old and new. Hurricane Danny thought he'd beat us but 45 bikes with 64 riders showed him that bikers are tougher than him. The day although a bit windy, was warm and sunny. It was wonderful to have the Whalen fami
Johanna's Memorial Ride The Boot 2008 8/25/2008 From the meet and greet friday , through the ride, the BBQ and breakfast sunday.....here are some peeks!
Johanna's Memorial Ride the Boot 2007 10/26/2007
Uncle Bob 1950-2007 7/22/2007 Johanna's Uncle Bob. Unlce Bob died of cancer April 25, 2007
Johanna's Art 2/4/2007
Johanna's younger days 2/4/2007
Johanna's Day Spa For Kids Visitors 11/1/2006 Since the park has opened we have seen and heard of many people visiting the park. If you have any pictures taken in the park , please send them to me and I will have them uploaded to the website.
Johanna's Ride The Boot 2006 8/28/2006 This was the inaugural run of Johanna's Ride The Boot that raised over $3200.00 towards Johanna's Day Spa For Kids.
Johanna'sDay Spa For Kids Opening Day 7/19/2006 These are a few pictures of the opening and dedication of the park as well as few folloup pictures in the days that followed
Johanna Noseworthy Memorial Award 6/15/2006 This award is awarded to the most spirited student in their program as voted by fellow students and instructors. It is presented to a student in the Hairstylist Program, if a suitable candidate is not available from the Hairstylist Program, it can be awar
Johanna in Harcourt 4/15/2006 These are a few pictures of Johanna at the family cottage in Harcourt. Harcourt was originally the home of her great grandparents.
Johanna and family 4/15/2006 These are pictures of Johanna with her family over the years
Johanna at CONA 4/14/2006 These are a few pictures of Johanna when she was doing the Hairstyling course at the College of The North Atlantic in Burin
Johanna's Day Spa For Kids Construction 4/10/2006 Johanna's Day SPa For Kids construction that started in the summer of 2005, continued work on the park will started again in May and will continue until the dedication July 1, 2006. Primarily the work has been done by volunteers and donated equipment.
Johanna's Grandmother Alice Noseworthy 4/10/2006 Johanna's grandmother died alongside her 5 months before her 81st birthday, some of the motorcycle pictures were taken just before the accident, the other pictures were at her 80th birthday party last October
Johanna, Curly and Gizmo 4/8/2006 Johanna and her cat Gizmo, and the family dog Curly
Johanna's High School Grad 3/22/2006 Johanna graduated from Marystown Central HIgh School in 2005. Her graduation was so important to her, she wanted it to be the bigeest event of her life. Her Dad used to tell her to slow down, there will be other great things in her life.
Johanna 1/6/2005 The many faces of Johanna


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