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Friends and Links

Following are links to some other sites of young people who were taken from us far too early.

Matthew Churchill (July 14, 1989 - March 28, 2005, Portugal Cove, NL

Mom Desma and dad Rod. Our thanks to the Churchills for providing and hosting many of the links on this page. Matthew was killed by a hit and run driver.

Tyler Gordon Sturge (January 8, 1986 - December 5, 2004) St. John's, NL

Mom Arlene and Dad Everett
Tyler (age 18) their only child in a plane accident.

Kallie Brett Greening (August 22, 1989 - November 11, 2004) Mount Pearl, NL

Mom Bunny, Dad Terry, brother Kristopher (Lori), sister Kaitlin
Kallie (age 15) in an auto accident.

Danny Steele (June 21, 1973 - December 19, 1988)  CBS, NL

Mom Mary, Dad Ron, brothers Jonathan and Christopher, sisters Ronalda and Carolyn and nephews Michael and Andrew
Danny (age 15)

Kristine Cadigan (April 18, 1984 - May 9, 2005) Logy Bay, NL

Mom Diane, Dad Gerry, sister Erin (Dave)
Kristine (age 21) due to an unexpected medical condition.

John Robert Michael Hann (September 7, 1996 - December 26, 2004) Kippens, NL

Mom Rosemary and Dad Desmond
John (age 8) their only child in an auto accident long with his grandmother Isabel Foley

Crystal Hartery (July 01, 1991 - August 08, 2003) Portugal Cove South, NL

Mom Celine, Dad Carl, brother Carlton
Crystal (age 12)

Glenn Rideout (January 10, 1981 - October 9, 2003) Goulds, NL

Mom Jenny
Glenn (age 22) her only child in a traffic accident in Alberta.

Richard Price (June 6, 1979 - December 18, 1998) English Harbour West, NL

Mom Geraldine, Dad Junior, brother Jamie
Richard (age 19) in an auto accident.
Richard was a student at Marine Institute doing Marine Engineering.

Ashley Tulk (September 22, 1988 - January 21, 2005) Fortune, NL

Mom Verna, Dad Paul and brother Terry
Ashley (age 16) in an auto accident that also claimed the life of Matthew Symes.

Matthew Symes (July 8, 1987 - January 21, 2005) Fortune, NL

Mom Shelly, Dad Stan and brother Bradley
Matthew (age 17) in an auto accident that also claimed the life of Ashley Tulk.

Lyndsey Anne Antle (January 20, 1983 - June 22, 2005) Marystown, NL

Mom Gwen (Leo Durnford), Dad Gary Antle, sister Courtney & best friend Daisy Hollett
Lyndsey Anne (age 22)  seriously injured in an auto accident June 19, 2005 and succumbed to her injuries on June 22, 2005

Additional website: http://www.jjsbilliards.com/lyndsey

Ryan Penny (June 6, 1980 - November 1, 2003) Creston South,  NL

Mom Shirley, Dad John and sister Melanie
Ryan (age 23) an industrial accident in British Columbia

Craig Jacobs (May 6, 1973 - September 21, 2004) Lumsden, NL

Dad Walter, Mom Irene, sisters Cathy and Carla, Son Brandon, wife Debbie and family
W. Craig Jacobs (age 31) in an auto accident

Stirling Grant Perham (October 14, 1978 - December 18, 1998) Pool's Cove, NL

Mom Bernice, Dad Ed, brothers Scott, Sheldon (Jennifer) and sister Stephanie
Stirling (age 20) in an auto accident. 
Stirling was a student at Marine Institute doing Marine Engineering.

Renee Hurley (September 23, 1975 - October 28, 1989) St. John's, NL

Mom Sharon, Dad Jim and brother David
Renee (age 14) in an auto accident

Shauna Power (December 11, 1994 - October 2, 1998) Blaketown, NL

Mom Deanne, Dad Barry and sister Brittany
Shauna (age 4) when a driver didn't stop for a yield at a country intersection.

Nikita Lynn LaFitte (December 8, 1986 - August 31, 1997) Point au Mal, NL

Mom Shirley, Dad Robert and godmother DeAnne
Nikita (age 11) passed away due to Cancer

Kayla Dawe(July 25, 1986 - August 29, 2005) Lewisporte, NL

Mom Pam Dawe, Dad Freeman Hannam and brothers Brandon and Brad
Kayla (age 19) in an auto accident

Stephen A. Brenton (August 4, 1983 - December 20, 2003) NL

Mom Violetta (Pierre), Dad Aubrey, sister Kim (Dion) and niece Olivia
Stephen (age 20)
Stephen was a 2nd year student at MUN doing Mechanical Engineering.

Siobhane Sarah Elizabeth Riggs (December 12, 1995 - January 17, 2002) Burin, NL

Mom Carolann, Dad Bryan and brother AJ
Siobhane (age 6) after a tragic accident on January 16, 2002
Eleven months after her passing, one week before her birthday, we received a call from Tenerife, Canary Islands. Siobhane had wrote a note and given it to her dad who put it in a bottle and threw it in the water while at sea; off Sable Island. The bottle traveled 2200 miles, and was in the water for 16 months and it washed up on a beach. It was found by a lady Emirita while at the beach to pray. She gave it to a English teacher to read and he searched for our family for two months. Sixteen months later we traveled to Tenerife to meet these people and to get her bottle. This was a message we received from heaven from our shining star.

Paula Joanne Normore (September 10, 1986 - January 19, 2001) Lanse au Loup, NL

Mom Betty, Dad Dennis and brother Brent
Paula (age 14) snowmobile accident

Jessica Holman-Price (August 1, 1984 to December 19, 2005) St. John's, NL

Mom Jeannette, Dad Peter, brother PL and sister Julia
Jessica (age 21) as the result of a tragic accident in Montreal.

Please visit their site www.thejessicacampaign.com

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