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Johanna's Day Spa for Kids

Monday morning , July 4th, 2005, Reuben was out on the side deck of the house. There was a small bird that sat near him, moving with him wherever he moved along the deck. Continuous chatter came from this little bird the entire time it was there. It was during this time that Reuben , while watching and listening to this bird, came up with the idea of developing the vacant land next to the house into a memorial park and playground.

When we returned from vacation only 5 days earlier, we heard that the playground committee had been trying to purchase this land to develop but didn’t have the financial ability to proceed. Already we knew there was donations coming in so it was an easy decision for us to make to direct any monetary donations to a fund to make a lasting memorial for our precious Johanna.

Once the word got out that we were planning to build this playground, the reaction was overwhelming. Our neighbors in the community, friends, co-workers and businesses in the area came out in force. Within a few weeks a piece of land that had been overgrown and vacant had been transformed into a fenced, landscaped beautiful place for children to play.

Johanna's Day Spa For Kids was dedicated and opened July 1, 2006, we hope that every year will will be able to add something new

For pictures of the park, visit the various albums in the Life In Pictures Section

The dedication sign for Johanna's Day Spa

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